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The First Class Two-Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Our 2 step carpet cleaning process involves a steam clean extraction. With this procedure, we spot check and pre-spray all of our carpet work.  Two is our steam clean extraction process: this is a high-powered extraction and pH-balancing fiber rinse to remove the dirt and cleaning solution, leaving your carpet as clean as it can be.

As a homeowner, you want your carpet to look, feel, and smell fresh. First Class technicians know how you feel, and they are experts at cleaning dirty, matted carpet leaving them clean, soft, and virtually odor-free.

Allergens, dust mites, dirt, and pet dander build up in carpets over time, leaving them grimy and discolored. Our two-step, professionally-recognized carpet cleaning system can extract dirt, remove stains, eliminate odors, and restore color, leaving your carpet looking and feeling fresh. Our process relies on powerful, industry-leading cleaning solutions that release dirt and grime, followed by a fiber rinse that removes leftover cleaning solution and much of the remaining moisture. That way, your carpet will be dry quicker. After the process, your carpet will feel refreshed and look great in a way that your family and guests will appreciate.

What to Expect During Each Carpet Cleaning Visit
  • A thorough carpet pre-treating
  • Steam carpet cleaning with citrus solution (non-toxic)
  • Deodorize your carpet
  • First Class solution which dissolves allergens; keeping you and your family healthy
  • Assistance in moving small furniture, upon request
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Scheduled appointment - no 4-hour window
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

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Carpet Cleaning by First Class

  • Every day households choose First Class for Carpet Cleaning.
  • Professional, trained, background-checked technicians
  • Convenient appointments
  • The 2-step deep clean process removes dirt attracting residue to keep your carpet clean longer.
  • We do not use damaging optical brighteners
  • No hidden pricing
  • Carpet Protectors & Carpet Deodorizers Available
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed


At First Class, we want your carpet to look its best all year. That’s why we’re sharing these carpet care tips to help you maintain your carpet until our next visit. Following these tips will not only help to keep your carpet looking its best, but it will help to extend the life of your carpet.

  1. Vacuum heavy traffic areas 2 to 3 times a week, and the rest of your carpet once a week.
  2. Use an indoor and an outdoor welcome mat to reduce the amount of dirt that enters your home.
  3. Re-apply stain-resistant protector to your carpet regularly and after cleanings; the original protection naturally wears down over time.
  4. Vacuum under area rugs periodically. This removes any loose dirt that may be trapped between the rug and your carpet.
  5. Leave the protective blocks in place for a couple days after a carpet cleaning. This helps to avoid any color transfer from your furniture to the floor.
  6. Clean your furniture and your carpet at the same time. A professional cleaning gets rid of the everyday dirt and soil.
  7. Most carpet manufacturers recommend that you have a professional carpet cleaning at least once per year.

Carpet Clean by First Class Carpet and Tile Cleaners

This company has great
customer service and

follow-through. The products
they use are great too. We have
a dog and the smell was
really getting noticeable. It was
starting to get embarrassing
whenever we had company
over. We had First Class Carpet
clean our carpets and now
they smell fresh and look new!
We will definitely be using
them again.

Annie, Fort Myers, FL

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